NDE & Reverse Engineering

Advances in modern imaging technologies such as computed tomography and photogrammetry are opening doors to exciting new possibilites in the realm of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and in general digitizing the physical world around us. One area Tetrahive is excited to be a part of is the utilization of these techniques to perform NDA and reverse engineering on complex, multi-material assemblies like electronic circuit cards.

Updated on March 23, 2021

non-destructive evaluation reverse engineering capabilities

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Through strategic collaborations and development of custom in-house software tools, Tetrahive has recently added the capability to perform non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and in some cases reverse engineering on complex multi-material assemblies.

The process, currently being applied primarily in the aerospace industry to support non-destructive reverse engineering of electronics, leverages existing industrial CT imaging techniques, custom data processing software and pipelines to recover technical design data from raw scan point cloud or voxel intensity data.

What differentiates our approach from standard scanning and reverse engineering technologies is our ability to capture and process the full three dimensional and multi-material information, not just outer surface data. The analogy to the medical field would be the difference in trying to diagnose whether or not a person has a tumor by simply looking at them versus doing an MRI or a CT scan.

While the capability is still evolving, we are excited about the possibilities for the future and are honored to have been selected by the US Air Force to help advance this emerging technology.

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